We Are Better Together

Many areas along the Blue Ridge can boast about beautiful scenery, but it is our creative community that brings national attention to Asheville in particular. The arts have helped revitalize our county, and turn it into the vibrant community it is today. The arts define our community in many surprising ways. The arts are not expendable, this is the heart of who we are.

Arts organizations were among the first to have to close their doors, and many have suffered substantial losses. Americans for the Arts Impact Dashboard shows over $5.2 million in lost revenue so far from the 89 arts organizations in Buncombe County that have responded. For perspective, there are (were) almost 500 arts organizations and close to 10,000 creative jobs in Buncombe County before the pandemic. 

We are #OneBuncombe and #AshevilleStrong, and #AVLArtsMatter.