Local Government Support

Recent Arts Support

2019-2020 Strategic Partnership Grant Funding

This arts funding is 12% of the overall $234,501 awarded to 27 organizations.

$  7,500 Asheville Writers in Schools and Communities (Word on the Street)
$  3,330 Hola Community Arts (Latino Partnership Program)
$10,838 YMI Cultural Center (Restoring the YMI)
$  1,667 Asheville Art Museum Association (Early Literacy Through Art)
$  5,000 River Front Development Group (African American Cultural Heritage Project)
$28,338 TOTAL

Buncombe County

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Recent Arts Support

2020-2021 Strategic Partnership Grant Funding

This arts funding is 4.5% of the total $889,305 grants awarded to 34 organizations and 18.5% of the total amount of arts funding requested.

$ 20,000 Asheville Area Arts Council (Community Initiatives)
$   2,000 Folk Heritage Commission (Shindig on the Green)
$18,500 Wortham Center for the Performing Arts (Community Resources)
$40,500 TOTAL

Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority

No designed staff for arts and culture

The BCTDA is one of the largest arts supporters in Buncombe County. Primary support comes through the Tourism Product Development Fund and through Festivals & Cultural Events Support Fund.


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Recent Arts Support

Buncombe County Tourism Jobs Recovery Fund

14.5%  of the $5 million COVID-19 relief grant program established by the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority was awarded to Arts & Entertainment businesses. In all 57 local Arts & Entertainment businesses received a total of $704,537 in grants. Included in this total, are 17 grants to arts nonprofits, which accounts for $230,523 of the Arts & Entertainment funding. 

Visit the Explore Asheville website for a complete breakdown of the grants awarded.