The AAAC Point of View Curator program offers Buncombe County artists the opportunity to curate exhibits within the Thom Robinson & Ray Griffin Exhibition Space. We invite artists to submit proposals for exhibitions that incorporate collaborations with other local artists. Exhibits are developed by a collection of creative professionals acting as curators. Selections are based upon artistic merit and involvement within our community. The curators design a thematic approach, invite artists to exhibit their work, and coordinate the exhibition installation. This approach has enabled the AAAC to encourage collaborations within the scope of traditional gallery practice. This program also allows us the opportunity to help develop artists as curators. We see our exhibition space as a showcase for the talent of Buncombe County and strive to expose the community to the wealth of artistic excellence that exists in our area.

Point of View proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and are evaluated by the AAAC Exhibitions Committee based on the following annual timeline:
Submissions accepted through April 15
Submission review completed by April 28
Point of View Curators are announced by May 1
The exhibitions calendar runs on a fiscal year cycle starting July 1 through June 30.

If you are interested in curating a Point of View exhibition, please read our Curator Contract, and complete and submit the form below. If you are an individual artist interested in submitting your works for an individual exhibition, please refer to the Point of View Artist Submission form.

Please upload 3 images of your work and curriculum vitae.

Please include Artist name, title, medium, dimensions and retail price of each image in file name. In addition, an up-to-date curriculum vitae is required.