We are a custom embroidered patch company looking for unique and interesting artists for a new subsidiary we are starting. This is an opportunity to get your art noticed and created into cool custom patches and earn yourself a commission. The sky is the limit on content as we are liberally minded, however, we will NOT accept racist or sexist themes. Please remember the elements of your artwork need to translate into a patch so there must be a common backdrop/background. We can make irregular shaped patches but all elements must be contained within that shape. Amongst others, our themes consist of “alien” “absurd” and “uncommon” so anything relating to these categories would be great! Feel free to think outside the box! Please send your original artwork with your name somewhere on the image. Share a little bit about yourself and your artistic style and why you’d be a great fit for us. Thanks!


Browning Hemric


Artex Group,  Inc.

1004 Charlotte Hwy

Fairview, NC 28730