Services for Creatives


Our local arts sector is changing rapidly. In the last five years, the revenue generated by our local nonprofits has gone up by more than 60%, and creative industry sales are now over $1.4 billion each year. This growth brings new opportunities and challenges, and the Asheville Area Arts Council must evolve to ensure that our creative sector remains strong and vibrant. After a thorough assessment of our current offerings and community needs, the arts council is taking proactive steps to shift to a new business model. Our role, as your arts council, is to advocate for the arts in Asheville through strategic partnerships, research initiatives, marketing, and direct support for our local arts organizations and artists. We are making adjustments to ensure we have a team devoted to this new mission and that our programs are effective, sustainable, and in total alignment with our core focus.

We are currently conducting a Creative Sector Survey to determine the professional development and business services most desired by local arts business. The results of this survey will be presented at the Creative Sector Dinner on April 30, 2020, and we hope to begin implementing some new programs starting this fall.