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Our mission is to keep the arts at the heart of our community.

Since 1952, the Asheville Area Arts Council has been supporting the arts in Buncombe County. We believe the arts are the cornerstone of what makes the Asheville area such a great place to live in and visit, and investing in the arts is a real investment in Buncombe County.

If you’re passionate about the arts in our County, become an Arts Ally. If art is your business, consider becoming an Arts Business Member (that includes “gig” workers and solo artists). All members are eligible to join the Arts Coalition (click to learn more about our current arts policy initiatives). 

We can do this alone! Show your support by joining and/or making a donation today. 

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What does my donation support?

We fulfill our mission by supporting arts organizations and artists in Buncombe County through:

Advocacy: data collection, reports, policy initiatives, education, representation, partnerships, and special events
Public Art: free, inclusive, and accessible art for all
Services for Creatives: professional development, grants, job and opportunity listings

If you have more questions about donating, please contact us.

Asheville Area Arts Council is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our North Carolina Charitable Solitication License # is SL006224.

Asheville City Schools students work with artist Cleaster Cotton as part of the Teaching Artist Presenting in Asheville Schools (TAPAS) program. This is one of the many programs funded through the arts council’s grant programs. Photo courtesy of the Asheville City Schools Foundation. 

2021 Supporters

103.3 Asheville FM
Mr. Ken Abbott
Joel and Marla Adams
AIGA Asheville
American Myth Center
Carol Anders
Asheville Art Museum
Giles Collard
Asheville Writers In The Schools & Communities
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Baird
Joanna Baker
Kathi Barnhill
Nancy Bass
Josh Batenhorst
Kim Beller
Michael and Hanna Manes
La Bourgeois
Brandy Bourne and Justin Rabuck
Diana Brewster
Bright Star Touring Theatre
Brumit Restaurant Group, LLC
Joe and Janice Brumit
Lauren Brunk
Buncombe County Government
Scott Calhoun
Christy Catt
Anthony Cerrato and Jennie Nolan
Giles Collard
Craft Your Commerce at Mountain BizWorks
Crazy Green Studios
de Vos Devine Law
Georgia Deal
Stephanie Hickling Beckman
Bill Dorfman
Brook Dorsch & Tyler Emerson-Dorsch
Kathie and Matthew Engelbrecht
Susanna Euston
Explore Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau
David and Ellen Feingold
Flatiron Writers Room, LLC
David Frechter
Michelle Garrison
Rae Geoffrey
Deborah Gibb
Louise Glickman
Elizabeth Gordon
Ms. Lori Greenberg
Blair Guggenheim
Steven Hageman
Susan Harper
Virginia Hayes
Lori Hines
Horse and Hero
Christa and Kimo Hyatt
Susan Justus
Deb Karash
Katie McWeeney
Ann Kemske
Ms. Jenny Kiehn
Eric Knoche
Betty Ann Korzenny
Felipe Korzenny
LEAF Global Arts
Scott Leemon
Luke and Annie Lingle
Gabriele Marewski
Martha Scull Martha
Sherry Masters
Meaghan McCallum
Chris McGraw
Amy McGuire and Brian Wallace
Robert McHugh
Micah McLain
Sue McQueen
Sara Meyer
Robert and Karen Milnes
Laura Mitchell
Nan Murphy
Jennie Nolan
North Carolina Arts Council
Mr. Steve Hageman
Eleanor Palmer
Pete and Cindy Perez
Gael Perry
Rabbit Rabbit
Mr. and Ms. Gar Ragland
Ryan Reardon
Cherry Saenger
Ms. Vivian Saich
Samsel Architects
Louise Glickman
Ellen Sandweiss
Zoe Schumaker
Peggy Shafer
Tom and Peggy Shafer
Stephen E Stark
Ms. Irene Stoll
Jana and Dana Stonestreet
Ann Suggs
Mike Sule
Mr. Noel Swartz
Kate Thayer
The Big Crafty
Rachel Cort
Reggie Tidwell
Trillium Arts
Larry Turner
Ms. Susan Turner
Winslow Tuttle
Catherine Twomey
Ellen Vontillius
Eunice Ward
Meg Warden
Liz Whalen
Ms. Christina Whiteman
Rebecca Williams
Wortham Center for the Performing Arts

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor list.  If you find an error, please email Katie Cornell at  Thank you!