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Creative Jobs Report
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Partnering with local, state, and national organizations to track the impact of the arts in Buncombe County.

Creative Industry Earnings

Industry earnings data is arrived at by aggregating the compensation paid for the labor of all workers in a given industry. These earnings have a big impact on our economy as workers purchase common local amenities and recirculate those dollars back into the local economy.

Up 34% from 2015 to 2019

Top Creative Industry by Earnings

Independent Artists, Writers & Performers

Creative Industry Sales

Industry sales is another metric that measures the amount of money moving through the economy. The revenue an industry receives is the total annual sales (gross receipts) made to other industries and consumers.

Up 44% from 2015 to 2019

Top Creative Industry by Sales

Independent Artists, Writers & Performers

# of Creative Jobs

Creative Industry Jobs in 2019

Creative Occupation Jobs in 2019


Supporting the local creative sector, arts education, equity & inclusion, and arts & wellness

Public Art

Providing local residents and visitors with free, inclusive, and accessible arts experiences

Services for Creatives

Helping artists and arts organizations build, grow, and sustain their businesses