About Us

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Though every arts council is different, all still have three main duties: advocacy, accessibility, and philanthropy.

The mission of the Asheville Area Arts Council is to keep the arts at the heart of our community by supporting arts professionals and businesses in Buncombe County through Advocacy, Public Art, and Services for Creatives.


Our vision is a strong and sustainable arts sector, with:


  • Strong local government and community support, where the arts are valued for their contributions to Buncombe County. 
  • A well resourced and connected arts sector that works together towards common goals.
  • A thriving creative workforce that can afford to live and work in Buncombe County.
  • Cultural assets that reflect who we are as a community, that are well maintained, thoughtfully created, and that support local creatives. 
  • Accessible arts programs where everyone has the opportunity to create and participate in the arts.
  • Arts integrated schools, where our youth have the opportunity to experience new cultural experiences and express their creative side.
  • An equitable arts sector with low barriers to entry, and wrap around services that are accessible and inclusive. 

Why are the arts important to our community?


Drives Economic Growth & Sustainability


Creates Attachment & Cultural Identity


Creates Social Cohesion & Cultural Understanding


Supports the Contributions of our Creative Communities


Supports Public Health & Sense of Belonging