The Asheville Area Arts Council Gallery Exhibition Program

We strive to show work which is well crafted, illustrates an unusual perspective, utilizes unique methods, is powerfully expressive, interesting, challenging, and engaging. We are inspired to show work regardless of its commercial value, though we hope that work in our galleries will attract patrons who are interested in something new and exploratory. We see our exhibition spaces as a way to showcase the talent within our area of service, Buncombe County. Exhibitions are selected based on artistic merit and pursuant to the AAAC’s mission of delivering resources, developing innovative collaborations, and fostering creativity in the community. Applications for the various exhibition opportunities within the Refinery will be accepted on a rolling basis and shows will be scheduled based on each gallery’s specific guidelines.


This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.


Gallery Spaces

Lounge Gallery

This gallery represents the AAAC’s Refinery hosts and residents. Each studio has a dedicated space for display of work, statement of purpose and/or business information and cards. The Lounge Gallery is updated regularly, come find out what projects our artists and host organizations are up to.

Hallway Galleries

Spaces in the halls are designated galleries and are available to display temporary installation projects from the community and visiting artists. Located in the front entrance of the building, these spaces are a great opportunity to utilize a unique, high traffic area. We are looking for artists with a fresh perspective to exhibit their work in our new multifunctional building.

Thom Robinson | Ray Griffin Event & Exhibition Hall

The largest and main gallery of AAAC, this space presents our on-going Point of View and community exhibitions. Artists, curators and local organizations have the ability to apply for exhibitions on a calendar year cycle that will be determined annually by the exhibitions committee of the AAAC. Our goal is to continue to highlight new perspectives and excite the community about regional art and craft.

Upcoming Exhibitions

See what’s coming next in the Refinery Creator Space’s Thom Robinson | Ray Griffin Event & Exhibition Hall and other galleries! New exhibitions featuring local area artists are installed regularly. Find information about each of our upcoming featured artists here.

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