April 8, 2016 – May 14, 2016

Artist Reception: Friday, April 22nd, 5pm – 8pm

From April 8th to May 14th, 2016, the AAAC ARC Gallery will feature a selection of encaustic works by Jane Allen Nodine, titled “Thermal Response”. It will also include her installation “Obscurely Relevant”.
Having a strong interest in materiality and a personal connection to the natural world, Jane’s work is inspired by elements in nature that show the passage of time and a record of aging or past activity. Informed by both a macro and micro world, her current focus on explorations of mark-making and substance manipulation seek unusual and seductive visual results. Oxidation and discolorations form in naturally occurring patterns and these impressions spark her interest and feed the fuel of her studio practice. Her work incorporates both directed and naturally occurring marks that she collects by printing oxidized metal, burned markings and extraneous or accidental marks collected in the process of making. As these collected elements are applied to panels and papers between layers of wax medium some become obscured in the hazy film while others become more evident and appear to float or come forward in the luminous properties of the material.

Jane came to use wax for its malleability and aesthetic qualities and was immediately drawn to the cerebral and physiological breadth of beeswax that has a rich history of application, symbolism, mystique, and direct ties to the natural world. Her attention to surface and detailed foundation layers places an emphasis on the appearance of work as she strives to attract the viewer in for closer observation. She works intuitively and describes my approach to art-making as a process of excavation. There is no map or definitive end and no preconceived plan of travel, only a sense that something waits to be revealed.