February 26, 2016 – April 2, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, March 11th, 5pm – 8pm

Perry Houlditch will be demonstrating his paint-making technique, not to be missed!

From February 26th to April 2nd, 2016 the AAAC ARC Gallery will be featuring an exhibition of a selection from Perry Houlditch‘s Meridional Topography landscape series.

P_Houlditch_Winds of AppalachiaP_Houlditch_Blustery Day in Black BalsamP_Houlditch_Autumnal Lake

Perry Houlditch‘s current works are painted with oil on panel and depict the natural beauty of the Central Appalachian landscape.  Perry feels a connection to the natural world is important not only to the individual spirit but our community and society as a whole.  His hope is that each painting helps to deepen individuals’ connections to, and respect for, the natural world.

He begins his painting sessions en plien air, then return to work in his studio and allow the piece to take on a life of its own. To influence this process, he often takes the painting back outside and incorporates the light, color, atmosphere, and pulse of other landscapes into the original piece. Throughout this process he crafts each material used; sizing, ground, paint, medium, and varnish, by hand.

The intention of this series is to spark a dialogue on how we can conserve, sustain, and grow our natural assets to better contribute to the health and economic well being of Appalachian communities.  He invites the viewer to consider ways that we can responsibly use nature to sustain our communities through sectors like local food systems, arts and crafts, forestry, and energy efficiency.