December 2, 2016 – January 7, 2017

2nd Annual Akira Satake Ceramics Invitational

Opening Reception: Friday, December 2, 5pm – 8pm

The AAAC is pleased to be partnering again with local ceramicist Akira Satake for his second annual Ceramics Invitational, titled “Beauty + Function: Ceramic Arts in Western North Carolina.” The exhibit will include local artists Akira Satake, Becky Lloyd, Josh Copus, Joy Tanner, Judith Duff, Linda McFarling, Maggie Finlayson, Reiko Miyagi, Tom Jaszczak, Will Dickert, William Baker, Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish.

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Photo credit: Josh Copus, Linda McFarling, Will Dickert, William Baker

Akira states:

“Functional pottery, by definition, is created to get a job done. Whether it be a cup to drink tea from, a vase for flowers, or a set of dinnerware, the work is made to fulfill a function. Beauty enters the equation when the ceramic artist imbues her work with her own vision, skill and sensibility — her aesthetic — and this aesthetic engages the viewer.  Whether it be minimalist, whimsical, refined or outrageous, if it resonates, the viewer will find himself musing, ‘if I take this piece of pottery home, how will it complement my food, frame my flowers, enhance my coffee or tea?  How will it bring beauty to my life?'”