June 30, 2017 – August 4, 2017

The AAAC is excited to welcome Courtney Dodd and Nick Fruin into the Thom Robinson and Ray Griffin Exhibition Space for their exhibit Perception of Sense. This is a two person show constructed on the theme of phenomenon. Composed of both two and three-dimensional pieces, the space will be filled with work that explores the idea of sense based phenomenon, such as synesthesia and visual perspectives.

Courtney says:
“The focus of my work is centered on the idea of seeing and the limits of our perceptions. I am interested in the psychological and emotional effects of shifting visual phenomena and am exploring this area through glass’s optical ability to duplicate, reflect, and obscure. Photography is also an area that I am experimenting within, because like mirrors, it is simply a reflection of the actual object. The solidity of reflection whether on glass, in photography, or on water is something that I have been questioning. The viewer assumes the physicality of the reflection, but what we accept as conclusive is at times simply a construct. The palpability of the reflection then disintegrates into the residue of sight. I have been contemplating the perceptual limits of our eyes and what our mind sees in relation to what is being shown. The act of seeing works as a catalyst to initiate doubt in what the audience perceives and reminds us of our eyes innate ability to reveal, as well as, conceal information. The magic held in the perceptional shifting of a mundane object or experience fascinates me because of its capability to disregard established familiarities. The artistic challenge is to create an experience or phenomenon for the viewer rather than an object.”

This exhibit will be June 30 – August 4 in the Refinery Creator Space at 207 Cox Ave.  There will be a reception from 5-8pm on July 7 in the Thom Robinson and Ray Griffin Exhibition Space.

This exhibition is generously sponsored by:

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