March 16, 2018 – April 27, 2018

Happy Hills is an exhibit by the 3-5th graders of Francine Delany New School for Children.

Francine Delany Art Specialists classes having been working on the Elements of Art. All students have learned the seven elements: Color, Shape, Texture, Line, Space, Form and Value.  Each lesson incorporates and highlights one of these elements at its base, but it is almost impossible to create any work of art that does not use more than one of the elements.

In this new exhibit the 3-5th graders at Francine Delany, the students will display their Happy Hill projects. They have created families of “hill” people that aim to highlight the element of Space while using line to create an overlapping view of hills. The students have utilized concepts of pattern coloring with pen and ink to create more visual interest in their images in place of color.  The result of this technique is strong contrasts and an aesthetically pleasing composition.

The students created and designed their own Happy Hills after having a demonstration of drawing, overlapping and cropping.  They gave the hills personalities and they were off and creating. This project encouraged the students to enjoy the freedom of personalizing their pieces.