February 1, 2019 – March 8, 2019

The Asheville Area Arts Council is excited to welcome the artwork from 5th and 6th graders of North Windy Ridge Intermediate into the Hall Gallery from February 1 – March 8, 2019. This exhibit will highlight several projects created in Ms. Deitra Garden’s art class.

5th grade MANDALAS

In 5th grade, students studied mandalas and how they are used for meditation, relaxing and focusing on oneself.

mandələ or man·da·la – A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. In fact, “mandala” is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”. Mandalas generally have one identifiable center point, from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms. Mandalas can contain both geometric and organic forms.

Students used geometry to fold squares into 16 equal triangles to create “starter” lines for their design. They used a compass to create circles of various sizes as the base lines for designs in a radial pattern. After creating the pattern, students decided on cool and warm color patterns using chalk pastels – the challenge here was to create new colors by blending colors that were available.

All of the Principles of Design are used in these pieces of art including: repetition, balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm and unity


Self Portraits

6th grade students were introduced to contemporary portrait artist Sandra Silberzweig from Canada. Known as a Visionary Outsider Artist, she creates art using emotions that equate to color, lines and dots that symbolize her own alphabet and interpretations based on debilitating struggles within her own life.

The students created a self portrait in the spirit of Ms Silberzweig – translating their own ideas, dreams and struggles through oil pastels, lines, shapes and patterns. Students were challenged to create warm and cool colors that they blended themselves that were not “straight out of the box”.  The colors were apart of expressing the meaning and feeling they wanted the audience to understand while viewing their self portraits.


Ceramic Art

Students in 5th and 6th grade worked with clay to create 3D (three dimensional) pieces.

5th grade created pet plates by hand building with slab pieces of clay. Students decided on adding a “foot” or “feet” as a way of lifting the plate off of the table and creating visual and physical space to make the piece more aesthetically pleasing.  The students worked with Principles of Design to create balance, contrast and unity within their work.

6th grade made bowls by using a mold to push the clay into or over it to create the base form. They used Elements of Art like texture, form and space to design a bowl that was interesting, functional and had some sort of “foot” to lift it up away from the table.


Animal Collage

Students in 6th grade used ideas from “sophisticated folk artist”, Robin Anne Cooper to create their individually inspired animal collages. They used the idea of layering, overlapping and underlapping to create animal figures that have both a realistic and abstract feel to them.

The Emphasis for each piece was color coding sections and blending patterns to create movement with an almost “breathability” to each piece. Creating believable color value and texture created an end result with unity and eye catching contrast.