December 1, 2017 – January 26, 2018

Perhaps She Has a Pink Vest, an installation by Valeria Watson, is inspired by a short story by Wolfgang Borchert.

Perhaps She Has a Pink Vest is about two men and their views of women, war and the world. The story is an insight into misogyny with all of its innocence and institutional support.  It is a reflexive mirror into our modern gender revolutions necessity.

In the city (host gallery) we meet Timm and Other sitting on an icy parapet of a bridge after the war, commenting on the parade of humanity passing before them. In the five parts of the story the sculptures illustrate the mashup of  feelings the story brought to me. I use paper upcycled into expressive, light, figures illustrating the stanzas of the story.

Valeria says,”I took the narrative as a five point map to unify the paintings, drawings, doddles (recycled bottles), crowns, hats and other display items. The yellow birds are recycled RAD signs and the Dogon masks are recycled paper chef hats.  The Map helps to focus on the examples of the types of local crafts that I have been a cheerleader for for many years. These crafts are easy to teach, and are for sale to support our nonprofit work with Zamani Refuge African Culture Center; Mend, Make, Market Affrilachia and our mission to begin an Affrilachian Art and Craft Trail in the South Slope. The materials, mostly trash and recycled supplies, can be organized into kits allowing workers to work at home and pick up and drop off project kits on a pay as you work basis.  There are fans, boxes, dottles etc. made from toilet paper rolls, bottles and other rubbish scattered throughout the installation space. ”

The internal narrative of the show is about Life, the journey, beginning middle and beginning unto the ascension to our higher self mastery through love.  The inspiration and narrative for Pink Oshun in the Sacred Forest.

Join us for the opening reception, Friday, December 1 from 5 – 8 pm in the Host Gallery.