July 1, 2016 – August 6, 2016

A Point of View exhibition curated by Shira Service

Opening Reception: Friday, July 1st, 5pm – 8pm
Curator’s Insight Talk: Saturday, July 2nd, 3pm – 5pm
Closing Reception: Friday, August 5th, 5pm – 8pm

MUX: Asheville is a Video Art Festival created by video artists, art theorists, curators, & educators seeking to expand the field for new media and video art, easing the imbalance between artists and exhibition platforms. The event honors work that explores, creates, and challenges systems and ideologies, using creative audio/video language sets to communicate ideas, systems, and narratives.

MUX’s structure is derived from the term ‘multiplexing’ and operates as such: it allows for multiple data streams delivering varied signals to unite over a single channel. MUX offers a stereoscopic approach to curating new media that establishes perspectival depth through the formation of a body of work. Considering experimental works that explore, create, and challenge systems, modes of representation, and ideologies through the use of creative audio / video / performative language, MUX’s structurally conscious network subsumes geographic distances in exchange for a temporal omnipresence.

Fatherfigures-Installation_vanAlphen (1)Shooting-Practice_Alex-McKenzie (1)
MUX will feature a selection from Dutch artist Victorine vanAlphen’s installation Fatherfigures and resident NC artist Alex McKenzie’s installation Shooting Practice, among others.

Despite the rapid evolution of the moving image and the diversity of new media and video art, there remains a strong bias towards exhibiting traditional media in contemporary art communities. Easing the offset, this festival aims to exhibit a broad survey of experimental video and performance for camera from across the United States and international art communities. Asheville is a city that has historically and is currently fostering fine art communities, many of which are rooted in traditional media and mountain craft. Thus, the community is open to art communication, but remains relatively unversed in the language of video art and contemporary new media. MUX: Asheville 2016 ushers in an internationally developing voice by gathering new media work that explores the language of information and the structures of language.