DavidFeingold_headshotThe Asheville Area Arts Council (AAAC) is proud to announce the appointment of our newest member to the Board of Directors, as well as the full slate of board members for 2017.

David Feingold, General Manager and CEO of WCQS – Western North Carolina Public Radio, Inc., recently joined AAAC’s board. He began with WCQS in July, 2015, after 16-years at NET – Nebraska’s state-wide public radio and television networks – where he was the senior manager for content. At NET he worked closely with the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Humanities Council in developing series and documentaries. David spent the first part of his career in public radio news departments in the Midwest before a shift to television, including 11-years at CNN where he served as Business News Editor, National Editor, and London Bureau Chief. In the UK, he also worked for Reuters as Executive Editor Worldwide for television cover. He received a BA in Psychology from the State University of New York at Binghamton, and an MA in Mass Communications from Central Missouri State University, with an emphasis in broadcast and journalism law. “Asheville’s rich mix of the arts is one of the defining features of our community. I’m looking forward to contributing to the AAAC’s central role in supporting and encouraging our creative economy,” states Mr. Feingold.

“We’re extremely excited to have David join the board of the Asheville Area Arts Council. His wealth of experience, combined with the important role he plays in our community as the General Manager and CEO of WCQS, makes him a tremendous asset to our organization, and by extension, to all of Asheville and Buncombe County,” says Gar Ragland, AAAC’s board chair. Echoing the board’s enthusiasm, AAAC’s executive director, Stefanie Gerber Darr, cannot wait to “incorporate David’s expertise into the governance of the Arts Council. With support from David, the rest of the board, and the amazing staff, the AAAC is paving the way to develop the strongest, most effective arts council for our community.”

The full slate of AAAC board members for 2017 are:

Gar Ragland, Chair
Michael Manes, Vice Chair
Noel Swartz, Treasurer
Josh Batenhorst, Secretary
Karen K. Brown
Bill Dorfman
David Feingold
Craig Harris
Kale Olson
Cherry Lentz Saenger
Larry Turner
Eunice Ward

Advisory Board
Judy Bond
Denise Drury Homewood
David Starkey