Asheville Creative Arts: Failure: A Love Story

“FAILURE is a whimsical, modern fairy tale following 3 sisters who each fall in love before they die suddenly.  Though there are plenty of funny moments in the show (as well as neat things like live video, found object puppetry and audience interaction). The purpose of the performance is about using theater to provide a space for young people to practice creative thinking, and by watching the characters on the stage, to practice empathy in order to create a space where young people of all ages can think and talk about loss and love. Young people aren’t always engaged in conversations about loss, or love, and yet just like adults, they must navigate both. Sometimes parents don’t know how to start the conversation. We always seek to represent the diverse communities of Asheville, and for an audience member to be able to see someone who looks like them, or especially someone who doesn’t look like them. FAILURE is a beautiful and moving story that will be a special experience for young and old alike. The work we do generates from the amazing artists we work with, and the grant from AAAC has helped us to support an incredibly talented, all-female cast! As a way of exploring one of the show’s themes, that there are many forms of love, including platonic and romantic, that transcend gender or outward appearance. Without the support of AAAC, we would not have been able to assemble such an incredible cast who are dealing with some big ideas in a relatable way. The theater is a medium that lends itself to emotional growth and can be a powerful tool in making a change. With AAAC’s partnership, we will continue to use theater to help young people learn to care about each other, despite differences, and to think critically about the world around them, in hopes that they will grow up to make a more just and peaceful society.”

-Abby Felder; Asheville Creative Arts

Aurora Studio & Gallery: Celebrate Zelda!

“Celebrate Zelda” pays tribute to a woman whose talents largely went unrecognized during her life. Zelda embodies the creativity that often accompanies artists who feel deeply and who funnel their sensitivity onto a canvas, with words on a blank page, or breath life on the empty stage. Her talents help highlight others like her who struggle with depression or addiction and find solace and self-discovery in the arts. Zelda’s life and well-being were linked to the arts: visual, literary and performing. The hope is that this will also bring about a greater understanding of the importance of the arts as it relates to individuals who struggle with their own mental health. There are several events happening around town during the week of March 9  – 16. The Asheville Area Arts Council grant is assisting the event in covering basic costs like printing, marketing and artists/speakers fees, none of which we could have done on our own. “Celebrate Zelda” helps us share the importance of the arts as a tool for communication to others. It features how the exploration of the arts can help make those who may be suffering feel whole, if only for a moment.



This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.