2012’s color ball was a tribute to that unique era of Asheville’s history early in the 20th century when much of the allure and charm of our fair city was born. In honor of our great literary traditions, in honor of our ghosts, in honor of an opulent and abundant time, when the Asheville style was influenced by the creative, expressive, and just a bit…special. Locally made spirits were enjoyed then, as now, and in 2012 Troy and Sons Distillers joined us to provide a unique and delicious centerpiece to our celebration of mountain tradition. Three unique pre-parties offered the opportunity to revel with the special, to see things that beg to be seen, to imbibe and indulge, and to celebrate creative culture as one of the artistic elite!

Silent Auction:

The 2012 Tangerine Ball hosted a silent auction for this original mixed media painting, “I Will Rise,” a collaboration between the Arts Council’s very own Kitty Love and local fine artist Heather Shirin.

The design is a a portrait of Zelda Fitzgerald, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife. Zelda was a high spirited flapper in the 1920’s who inspired much of Scott’s writing. Zelda eventually separated from Scott, and was being hospitalized in a mental hospital here in Asheville later in her life. She was locked in a hospital room awaiting shock therapy, when the hospital caught fire…. Zelda died a tragic death in 1948. The painting and Tangerine Ball are dedicated to her and the art deco movement which is at the heart of Asheville’s architectural design.

“The thing I am really excited about in this event is that it’s a tribute to Zelda Fitzgerald,” said Kitty. “(In the painting)…there is an image of the phoenix behind her rising out of the flames….. For me, it is this process of rebirthing the Arts Council on behalf of our community so that it can do the work it was meant to do”. Limited edition 17″ x 29″ archival fine art prints of “I Will Rise” were also available at the ball for purchase for only $20!

The acrylic and oil painting features gold and silver leaf, fine art papers and jeweled embellishments. It took over 2 months to create, and is 60″ high and 30″ wide. The 2″ deep wood sides are finished with a beautiful ebony wood stain. The surface of the painting was protected by Golden UV Varnish, to guarantee a life time of vibrancy.

100% of the proceeds for the silent auction went directly to the Asheville Area Arts Council.

Heather Shirin‘s Art Nouveau inspired works can be purchased at the Desert Moon Designs Studio and Gallery down in the River Arts Disctrict – 372 Depot st. Suite 44.

Tangerine Ball Video: