The Kids Tixx program provides access to wonderful art & culture experiences not always in the budget for some of Buncombe County’s families, while also supporting our local arts presenters! The Asheville Area Arts Council believes that creative experiences are vitally important to the quality of life, and inspire and bring joy to young hearts.

Kids Tixx is a program that strives to strengthen kid’s relationships with important parental or mentor figures in their lives by giving one on one time for experiencing and creating art together. Kids Tixx provides free admission for one child and one adult to local arts and cultural events, exhibits, and more. To be able to share this opportunity with as many children as possible the AAAC will give one opportunity per child per quarter.bring families closer together and provide moments that become meaningful memories. For some, the Kids Tixx program may be one of the few art-related experiences that a child will have all year. We appreciate our donors, who are willing to reach out and nurture joy in our community in this way, while also supporting our worthy arts presenters.

Upcoming Arts and Cultural Events:


Asheville Symphony Youth Orchestra Fall Concert 2018
Sunday, Oct 28, 2018 @ 4:00 PM
Diana Wortham Theatre – 18 Biltmore Ave., Asheville, NC 28801

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Over sixty students play string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments and showcase their talents in four annual performances.

The Asheville Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO) is a 48-year-old organization whose mission is to enrich the lives and education of students from western North Carolina by providing an orchestra experience of the highest educational standard.

The ASYO performances contribute to our cultural fabric today and ensure the continuation of a community of music lovers for generations to come. The ASYO is an educational program of the Asheville Symphony and is supported by the Academy for the Arts, Buncombe County Schools, and Asheville City Schools.

The Asheville Symphony Orchestra program is comprised of three orchestras: The Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra, and the Prelude Orchestra. Each orchestra is comprised of students ranging from 5th through 12th grade and playing all wind, brass, percussion and string instruments.



Presented by Bright Star Touring Theatre

November 10, 2018

Saturday at 10:00 am

Asheville Community Theatre 35 E Walnut St. Asheville, NC 28801

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Dr. Frank N. Stein is one of the world’s most famous scientists, but he needs YOUR help to use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to make his masterpiece come to life! See why audiences around the world made this Bright Star’s most popular STEM show last year. Best for Kindergarten – 5th Grade. Part of our Saturdays at ACT series!

Appropriate for Kindergarten – 5th Grade Levels

ACT Lobby Doors open @ 9:00 am

ACT Theatre Doors open @ 9:30 am

Show begins @ 10:00 am


If you have any questions or trouble, please call 828.258.0710 or email

Let us know how you liked the show by writing a thank you note on the back of the evaluation form you get with the tickets. Return to the Asheville Area Arts Council, 207 Coxe Ave. Asheville, NC 28801. Enjoy!

Request Kids Tixx:

Our tickets are very limited, so before you request tickets please ensure you will be able to arrive on time and enjoy the whole experience. If you do not show up you are taking that experience from others in our community, please be respectful. 

If you or someone you know may be interested in receiving Kids Tixx to an upcoming event, performance, museum exhibition, or concert, please REGISTER ONLINE, follow the specific event instructions, stop by the Asheville Area Arts Council at 207 Coxe Avenue, or call 828.258.0710 today for more information. Once you are signed up you will be the first to know about all upcoming Kids Tixx!

Kids Tixx Qualifications:

Kids Tixx are made available to families who would otherwise be discouraged from attending events due to the price of tickets. Kids Tixx gives priority to a child and their parent, family member, or mentor, but tixx are often made available to area youth and group leaders and/or mentors from organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sister of Western North Carolina. Not sure if you qualify? Call 828.258.0710 or email Janelle Wienke at for more information.

We ask that those families who receive Kids Tixx complete a Kids Tixx survey and compose a small thank you note (made out to the Asheville Area Arts Council) after they have attended their Kids Tixx event. We love getting photos from our Kids Tixx events and hand-drawn illustrations!

Become a Kids Tixx Art Presenter:

The Asheville Area Arts Council is always looking for new and creative arts and culture events to send our Kids Tixx families to. While we cannot guarantee your event will be chosen, if you are a Buncombe County area art presenter, and think that your upcoming event or performance would make a great Kids Tixx event please contact Janelle Wienke at to be considered for a future Kids Tixx event.

What Kids Tixx Families Are Saying:

“Thank you for giving me tickets to the Yamato Concert. I enjoyed it very much and hope you keep on doing it so other kids might enjoy stuff like that.”

– Kid Tixx Participant – Age 11

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to take a child to such a wonderful cultural event. He was quite taken by the whole experience. You never know what door will open, what key will turn, what light will come on; by your generosity.”

– Kid Tixx Participant, Big Brothers Big Sisters

“My favorite part was When Ursula helped Ariel get her feet. My least favorite part was at the very end because the songs were over.”

– Kid Tixx Participant

“Thank you Asheville Area Arts Council for sending us to see The Little Mermaid! My daughter had such a great time and it gave us the Mommy/Daughter date night that we needed! We are grateful for the works you all do!”

– Kid Tixx Participant – Parent