Promoting optimism and hope for a thoughtful and considerate life full of handmade things.


The Bright Angle is an Handmade Design Collective + Workshop based in Asheville, North Carolina. we emphasize refined utility + balance through maker/designer collaboration. All ceramics are handufactured in our workshop = handmade in America.

We love to make- to make from scratch. We use our hands, and we make to share. We make to add flavor to a curtain of disposable culture.

We are committed to starting with raw materials of the highest quality. Our materials have a story. Our process is a story. We will make small batches of work, in limited editions. We will teach others to make by hand. We will produce our goods in America. We will create across mediums with cohesion. Put our heads and hands together. We will find solutions to daily rituals and share them with you.

We believe in forming good habits and in connecting with each other. As a consumer, you choose the backdrop of where you spend your time. Choose objects of substance as your tools to conduct your days.

We are makers that want to design a collection together just for you. We bare craftsmanship like a brewer or a baker so you need only buy something once, so you can connect with it and pass it along. So you can own your lifestyle. We invite you to experience a handmade life.

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