Farm Burger is looking for local artists be featured in monthly art displays!

Farm Burger, a local based casual dining restaurant, is seeking local artists to be featured in their monthly art displays.

The artist receives 100% of sales from art proceeds and there are never any fees for being our featured artist!

Artwork will be displayed for the entire month. There is an opening night the second Monday of the month from 6pm-8pm that the artist is required to attend (you may bring as many guests as you like). We will help market the opening night on our Facebook page and in store to help draw in more people and, ultimately, more sales for the artist. We will also provide flyers for the opening night (in pdf form) that the artist may pass around to friends or family. We will also hang up copies of these in store. The artist will be expected to return to pick up artwork no earlier than the first Friday of the month and by no later than the second Sunday of the month . We will keep all payment for artwork and will distribute this when the artist picks up their artwork (special arrangements can be made to pick up payments ahead of time). Cash or credit/debit card is accepted as payments for artwork and will be distributed as cash to the artist.

Contact our Community Outreach Coordinator, Rebecca Pitts, at or 828-400-5645 to apply!

(The display for each monthly artist featured runs from the second Monday of the month to the second Sunday of the next month.)