The Asheville Area Arts Council is pleased to offer Fiscal Sponsorship as a service to individuals and organizations in the process of growing not-for-profit projects in Buncombe County that align with the arts council’s mission.

Fiscal sponsorship gives a project or program temporary use of 501c3 privileges, such as the ability to provide tax-deductible status for donations. Typically, the fiscal sponsor provides bookkeeping services, and tax reporting services. Groups who apply for fiscal sponsorship generally have a program or project that is funded, or wishes to raise funds, and is managing the project or program with a charitable purpose that is aligned with the AAAC’s mission. Fiscal sponsorship does not include receiving funds from the AAAC.

The AAAC is particularly interested in projects in our area of service that

  • provide accessibility to arts and culture for disadvantaged populations,
  • enhance arts education,
  • ameliorate social issues,
  • enhance quality of life,
  • support tourism and economic opportunity for artists in Buncombe County.

Projects must be financially viable, with existing plans for sustainability. Projects must benefit Buncombe County, or take place in Buncombe County. Projects should involve professional leadership. Project leaders must be members of the AAAC. For more information on project criteria, see the criteria linked below.


Applying for Fiscal Sponsorship:

Criteria & Guidelines:

Online Application:

Application Review:

  • Occurs Monthly

Organizations wishing to apply for fiscal sponsorship services with the AAAC may submit an application electronically above. Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling (monthly) basis and organizations are served based on the AAAC’s capacity to do so. The AAAC requires a 10% fee for the service. A sample contract is available upon request. Contact AAAC Interim Executive Director Janelle Wienke at with any questions.

Currently Sponsored by the AAAC:

“Hello My Name Is…”

The Asheville Area Arts Council, in partnership with Buncombe County Artist, Douglas Lail, is proud to serve as the fiscal sponsor of the “Hello My Name Is…” Project! “Hello My Name Is…” is a not-for-profit community outreach program to break through the social stigma of addiction by focusing on the positive impact of recovery, in the lives of individuals, their families and our community. The work itself is a collection of portraits and personal recovery stories of people recovering from alcohol, drugs, mental health and other life challenges. These original portraits and stories are NOT FOR SALE, nor is there a fee to participate in the program.

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