The University of North Carolina, Asheville’s three-day long arts festival will take place from April 5 to 7. This year, Arts Fest will explore intersections through the arts.

Intersections can be seen as dividing or crossing two or more things, or bringing them together in a common location. Come and join us for this exploration through the arts, and participate in Arts Fest 2018!

Creators from dance, film, theatre, visual art, new media, music, literature or any other discipline invited to create an event or project. Groups from any discipline may use the arts to explore the intersections of topics like environment, culture, identity, or personal expression.

There are many ways to get involved in Arts Fest 2018! Consider some of these positions …

Become an arts or crafts vendor for Festival on the Quad on Saturday, April 7th.
Showcase your talents during Festival on the Quad, whether it’s music, dance, drama, etc.

Fill out this short form to express your interest in getting involved.

Or if you have questions, email: