Hot Works Juried Fine Art & Fine Craft Shows

All Categories Are Open!


  1. January 6 & 7, 2018 – 21st bi-annual Estero Fine Art Show Winter

Deadline September 17, 2017

New Location! Gulf Coast Town Center, Fort Myers, FL – outdoors next to Bass Pro

Event Hours Sat, 11-8 & Sun, 10a-5p

Move-in Fri, 8:30a-6p & Sat 8a-9:30a

Move-out by Sunday evening

Upon acceptance, 10’x10’ space $395


  1. January 27 & 28, 2018 – 9th annual Boca Raton Fine Art Show


Deadline September 23, 2017

Downtown Boca RatonFL – outdoors

Event Hours Sat & Sun, 10a-5p

Move-in Fri, 5pm-11p; Sat, 8a-9:30am

Move-out by Sunday evening

Upon acceptance, 10’x10’ space $525 – 130 booths or less


  1. May 19 & 20, 2018 – 2nd annual Asheville Fine Art Show

Deadline February 7, 2018

Fletcher, NC – indoors at WNC Agricultural Center, Davis Event Center

Event Hours Sat & Sun, 10a-5p

Move-in Fri, 10a-6p; Sat, 8a-9:30am

Move-out by Sunday evening

Upon acceptance, 10’x10’ space $475 – includes 8’ off-white pipe and drape to separate space between booths, plus a bar on top front of the booth to hang lighting


What you need to know:

  • Except for Asheville, a new show in 2017, all of Hot Works’ events  are voted in the top 100 art shows in the nation – by Sunshine Artist Magazine &/or AFSB
  • Hot Works reaches the most affluent and sophisticated art-buying and art-loving audience
  • Hot Works Executive Producer Patty Narozny has a loyal artist following because:
    • She works hard to keep out the buy/sell – and does the research to keep it out
    • She knows how to work the media, and brings cultivated patrons with money to purchase high-end art
    • Patty’s unique brand of marketing via Hot Works has consistent, proven success
    • Patty respects and always does her best to do what’s right for the artists and for the art fair industry
    • Patty has 30+ years’ experience as a successful event and media producer and the know-how to connect artists with art-buying audiences
    • Each artist’s booth sign states emphatically, “All work in this booth is personally handmade by…
  • No stages or pulsating music!  Music is low key so you don’t have to shout to sell your high-end art.
  • Each location provides:
    • High visibility from the main road
    • Patrons who come specifically to purchase art
    • Plenty of patron parking
    • Complimentary overnight RV parking
    • Friday move-in
    • Professional artist awards $1,500 each show


Questions? Contact Patty Narozny @ 248-684-2613 or