The Regional Artist Project Grant is an annual grant program that provides financial support to developing professionals by funding a project pivotal to the advancement of their careers as artists. The selection criteria include artistic merit, the potential of the project to contribute to the artist’s professional growth, and the feasibility of the project itself. The Asheville Area Arts Council, Toe River Arts Council, and the Madison County Arts Council are pleased to announce the 2018/2019 Regional Artist Project Grant application is open.

The Regional Artist Project Grants awarded range from $400 – $1,200. Full or partial cash match is not required but is preferred. Artists currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program and artists who have received a Regional Artist Project Grant within the last two funding cycles are not eligible.

Each year the three arts councils hold grant workshops. These are highly recommended. If you’ve never applied for funding or are unsure of your project, please try to attend one of these:

  • August 15, 5:30-6:30 pm: Enka-Candler Public Library, 1404 Sandhill Rd. [828.258.0710]
  • August 27, 5-6 pm: Weaverville Public Library, 41 N. Main St. [828.258.0710]
  • August 29, 4-5pm: Administration offices, Burnsville Gallery, 102 W. Main St. [828.682.7215]
  • August 30, 4-5pm: Arts Resource Center, 2nd floor Spruce Pine Gallery, 269 Oak Ave.[828.682.7215]
  • September 5, 5:30-6:30 pm: Black Mountain Public Library, 105 N. Dougherty St. [828.258.0710]
  • September 6, 4:30-6:00 pm: Madison County Arts Council, 152 North Main St in Marshall [828.649.1301]
  • September 12, 4-5 pm: Asheville Area Arts Council, 207 Coxe Ave. [828.258.0710]
  • September 13, 4:30-6:00 pm: Madison County Arts Council, 152 North Main St in Marshall [828.649.1301]
  • Please call the Madison County Arts Council for more information [828.649.1301]

If you have any questions, please contact Janelle Wienke at or 828.258.0710.

This grant is sponsored by:

The Asheville Area Arts Council (AAAC), Madison County Arts Council (MCAC), and the Toe River Arts Council (TRAC). Support is provided by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Cultural Resource Department, with additional contributions by the Asheville Area Arts Council, Avery County, Madison County Arts Council, and the Toe River Arts Council.

Applying for the Regional Artist Project Grant:

Guideline & Application Links:

Application Deadline:

  • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2018, 5:00 pm
Projects Should Occur Within:

  • 1 Year of Date of First Grant Check

2018-2019 Grant Recipients:

Buncombe County:

  • Alex Krug [$600]: To support the recording of Alex Krug Combo’s sophomore studio album as a multigenerational band.
  • Alli Marshall [$1000]: To produce a collaborative theatrical production fusing spoken word performance with music, dance, and costuming to examine femme archetypes and stories.
  • Anya Hinkle [$750]: To attend the 2019 International Bluegrass Music Business Conference.
  • Catherine Campbell [$900]: To attend Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference to connect with agents and editors to pitch new work for publication.
  • Daniel Judson [$1100]: To do high quality post-production for a documentary film on the revival of shape note singing and the community keeping this heritage alive.
  • Esaias Johnson [$1100]: To choreograph a modern dance piece, “Forerunner” with eight dancers, music by avant-garde composer Jacob TV, Gil Scott Herron and incorporating drawings of civil rights leaders.
  • Martha Skinner [$800]: To launch a traveling exhibition, Living Section Retrospective of my Fertility, through promotional videos and customization of website to expand the reach of her art practice and vision.
  • Molly Sawyer [$400]: To support the wool processing of the site-specific installation for Appalachia Now! Opening at the Asheville Art Museum in Spring 2019.
  • Sara Mulvey [$750]: To expand knowledge of large format photography with wet plate process of ultra large format by shooting mammoth plates with John Coffer.
  • Stephanie Johnson [$500]: To seek a professional manuscript consultation of her book, Salt Pillar Bride.
  • Tricia Tripp [$1000]: To record second album, with band, Hearts Gone South, in a professional studio, with a highly reputable sound engineer.
  • Whitney Moore [$1000]: Record an album of swing music about Asheville in the 20s and 40s based on stories of her grandparents.
  • Juan Holladay [$600]: Give Secret B-Sides last studio album, “Welcome to Soul City”, a final edit and proper release in honor of late band member, Jeff K’norr.

From Madison County:

  • Jack Sorkin [$1000]: To print and frame, Rodeo Boys, an environmental porturature project exploring concepts of masculinity through images of young men at the Madison County rodeo.
  • Susan Patrice [$1000]: To hand-build cameras and purchase supplies to photograph round, Overtaken, a project which focuses on the lush, sensual, and feminine landscape of the Southern Appalachian region.

From Mitchell County:

  • Eleanor Annand [$1000]: To purchase a drawing tablet to work more efficiently and to expand drawing horizons.
  • Joy Tanner [$500]: To purchase two new burners to update and improve current gas fired soda kiln.
  • Laura Wood [$800]: To acquire a manual hydraulic press as a means to create volume in metal and for use in the enameling process to create a new body of work.
  • Thomas Campbell [$1200]: To procure a pan brake in order to continue exploration of both sculptural and functional steel work.

2017-2018 Grant Recipients:

From Buncombe County:

  • John Miguel Almaguer [$1,200]: To purchase carving wheels and coldworking machinery to cut and grind on glass to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art
  • Eleanor Underhill [$1,200]: To create a debut solo album > working title “A Lonely Journey Into The Unknown”
  • Lauri Caffery Harris [$1,100]: To further professional goals through a comprehensive digital photography and video marketing strategy that expands my reach and potential client base
  • Sara Brooks [$1,000]: To upgrade to a foot-operated corner-rounding machine that will increase efficiency, ensure product consistency, and reduce physical strain
  • Karen Hardy [$1,000]: To restore a printing press and outfit a letterpress studio to expand and develop my book arts practice
  • Cleaster Cotton [$850]: To prepare my newly acquired studio/gallery space in the AAAC (Asheville Area Arts Council) building to exhibit, market my art, and facilitate private art classes
  • Lydia See [$800]: To set up a functional studio in a barn in Madison County for the production of new work, including a product line and conceptual artworks as well as teaching workshops.
  • Kim Winter Mako [$750]: To attend the AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) Conference and Bookfair in Tampa, FL, in March 2018.
  • Brandon Amico [$700]: To attend the AWP Conference and Bookfair in Tampa, FL, in March 2018.
  • Reasonably Priced Babies [$700]: Assistance with a brand awareness project to give our company a digital home with a website, social media, and video
  • Linda Azar [$600]: To purchase and set up of a powder coating equipment to create a new line of architectural jewelry that incorporates color with steel

From Mitchell County:

  • Courtney Dodd [$1,200]: To purchase equipment that would increase studio productivity > new flat wheels, kiln shelf, fire protective surface and a specialized torch head
  • Dean Allison [$1,200]: To hire a person to work part-time to complete orders for new production line

A big thank you goes to the volunteer peer panelists who took time out from their busy schedules to meet in late October to review all the applications and again in early November when they interviewed the top scoring applicants. Panel members are artists, arts administrators, and respected community leaders from each of the five participating counties, each with expertise in one or more of the five categories [Visual, Literary, 2-Dimensional, Performance, Media]. If you think you would like to be on one of the 2018-19 panels, please call Janelle at AAAC, 828.258.0710.

2016-2017 Grant Recipients:

From Buncombe County:

  • John Ransmeier [$1,100]: To build a new kiln and furnish it with kiln shelves
  • Alicia Williams [$1,100]: To purchase a wood planer to enable the precise milling of wood used in my rocking horses and carvings.
  • Heather Hietala [$800]: To purchase a Skutt KM 1227 electric kiln
  • Michael Stevens [$1,000]: To document a new 15-piece chamber jazz ensemble with a studio recording of 10 new original compositions over the course of two days
  • Joseph Pearson [$800]: To produce a body of figurative works on repurposed discarded materials and to help with promotions through various media.
  • Perry Obee [$1,000]: To outfit traditional stone lithography printmaking studio in order to develop professionally as an artist/printer
  • Connie Regan-Blake [$600]: To repurpose videos of my performances, workshops, and interviews into short clips that will reach a global audience online via my website and social media
  • Kyle Carpenter [$1,200]: To attend speak at and exhibit at NCECA in Portland, OR in 2017
  • Hannah Kaminer [$1,000]: To record a full-length professional album as a musician, singer, and songwriter

From Madison County:

  • Hannah Furgiuele [$500]: To create a documentary film that tells how a music festival saved Bluff Mountain in Hot Springs from being clear cut in 1995.

From Mitchell County:

  • Christina Shmigel [$800]: To acquire studio equipment needed for the fabrication of my work in steel for sculpture and installation
  • Michael Kline [$800]: To complete the next phase of construction on my studio to create a workspace for an apprentice and an organized, dry glaze storage area

From Yancey County:

  • Jem Klein [$800]: To purchase a Jet bench top wood lathe to help create large sculptural work.

2015-2016 Grant Recipients:

From Buncombe County:

  • Lindsey Kelley Brewer [$700]: To attend the 2016 Trisha Brown Dance Company Summer Intensive
  • Bet Kindley [$900]: To purchase an etching press in order to create encaustic collagraphs
  • Michael Luchtan [$700]: To create and print a musical composition for a stringed quartet
  • Meghan Mulhearn [$900]: To partially fund the recording of the next album for the Divine Circles Project
  • Brandon Skupski [$900]: To purchase a Sawstop professional table saw

From Madison County:

  • Miranda Heidler [$800]: To assist in purchasing a loom
  • Gary Rawlins [$900]: To purchase an edge jointer that will allow the quick joining of edged-clued boards
  • Don Pedi [$900]: To professionally record and produce a CD to accompany a new book

From Mitchell County:

  • Audrey Bell [$900]: To purchase half of the equipment needed to set up own studio
  • Jason Hartsoe [$800]: To build a kick-wheel to create Onggi pots
  • IlaSahai Prouty [$900]: To complete, document, and promote a body of work begun in 2015
  • Ellie Richards [$800]: To purchase materials to make a traditional woodworking bench

From Yancey County:

  • Bruce Greene [$900]: To create a recording featuring the music of 20-25 performances and an 8-page booklet

2014-2015 Grant Recipients:

From Buncombe County:

  • Jude Whelchel: $1,000.00 to attend AWP Conference to seek agent representation for novel
  • Bridget Conn: $750.00 to attend Society for Photographic Education National Conference in New Orleans
  • Ben Nixon: $1,200.00 to produce body of work photographing the Carolina landscape for a book
  • Alex McWalters: $1,200.00 to print physical duplications of five-song EP, CD format
  • Anya Hinkle: $1,000.00 to finance and release first album
  • Anna Johnson: $1,200.00 to affordably build a jewelry casting facility in her studio.
  • Lisa Sturz: $1,200.00 to conduct a series of solo performances beginning with Japanese story of ”Little One Inch”
  • Barbara Zaretsky: $1,200.00 for marketing consulting services & purchasing photographic equipment to promote her work
  • Jenni Cockrell: $997.00 to stage a cohesive evening length Butoh dance concert
  • Giles Collard: $1500.00 to create a contemporary dance/theatre ballet about work/legacy of 17th century Mexican nun, sor Juana de Asbaje.
  • Lesley Keeble: $1200 to integrate earthenware & porcelain clay into mixed media sculptures through the purchases of a Skutt, electric kiln

From Regional Counties

  • Joey Sheehan: $1500 to purchase materials to finish building a kiln
  • Liz Summerfield: $1000 to upgrade parts to a ceramic kiln
  • Katey Schultz: $1053 to cover lodging and meals for Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference April 2015

2013-2014 Grant Recipients:

From Buncombe County:

  • Bromelia Aerial Dance Collective [Performing Arts]: $1,200 to help fund cost for its members to attend the international recognized Aerial Dance Festival, Boulder, CO
  • Julie Becton Gillum [Performing Arts]: $1200 to stage a piece entitled, “Biosphere,” part of a larger five-section work entitled, “Sphere”
  • Lockie Hunter [Literary Arts]: $400 to attend a four-day poetry workshop intensive at the 18th Annual West Virginia Writer’s Workshop
  • Cathie Langdon [Visual Arts]: $600 to purchase an eight-harness loom
  • Harper Leich [Visual Arts]: $300 to paint “Flower Essence Portraits” – six paintings of six collaborators embodying the energetic essence of six chosen plants
  • Tom Pazderka [Visual Arts]: $600 to assist in producing and continuing a new body of work
  • Erin Canady [Visual Arts]: $1200 to fund participation as an artist-in-residence at the Gullkistan community in Laugavartn, Iceland

From Madison County:

  • Timothy Burkhardt [Literary Arts]: $500 to help defray travel costs for a series of nonfiction stories about three friends who travel across the U.S. while working for a carnival.
  • Emily Reason [Ceramic Arts]: $740 to purchase tools needed to produce a series of narrative sculptures;
  • Francesco Lombardo [Visual Arts]: $1200 to hire a professional assistant capable of guiding the mixing of color, and to purchase a large quantity of paint for the process.

From Mitchell County:

  • Elisa DeFeo [Ceramic Arts]: $294.86 to purchase materials and small equipment needs for studio in order to return to full-time production;
  • David Eichelberger [Ceramic Arts]: $660 to purchase a mechanical slab roller;
  • Scott Summerfield [Ceramic Arts]: $500 to purchase a computerized temperature controller to run a recently built annealing oven.

2011-2012 Grant Recipients:

  • A. K. Benninghofen, to attend the AWP Writer’s Conference
  • Britt Kauffman, to complete a full-length play and advertise the production to be held at the Parkway Playhouse
  • Pam Brewer, to make her studio accessible for classes and to the public
  • Darrell Copeland, for funding for transportation and materials to participate in the 2012 International Turning Exchange Residency program
  • Sondra Dorn, to purchase Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
  • Ben Elliott, for electrical wiring and shelter coverage for his studio space
  • Chris Galloway, to film “The River Artists” revealing their life and work along the French Broad River
  • Joanna Gollberg, to purchase a camera for documenting jewelry techniques in her travels to India
  • Frank Lombardo, for paint materials for a new body of work
  • Gaylene Petcu, to purchase a complete set of 402 Unison Soft Pastel sticks to complete a series of 12-16 pastel paintings
  • Justin Ray, for the composition, performance and audio/visual recording of a multi-movement piece for a jazz quintet and string quartet
  • Liz Summerfield, to purchase a 30? Shimpo Slab Roller.
  • Eric & Carrie Tomberlin, to purchase an Epson inkjet printer that will enable them to combine digital technology with traditional photographic processes
  • Matt Tommey, to attend a class with Danish basketmaker Ane Lyngsgaard in Denmark.